Hip Hop Artist B.D.K on Kanye West; VMAs: “Keep Riding Jay-Z Nuts – Sit Your Old A– Down”

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Kanye West actions at the VMAs has been the biggest topic in Internet Hollywood for over a week now and signs of it slowing down is not close. The legendary producer has been targeted by people all over the world that disapprove and approve of his actions, including dozens of Internet Hollywood celebrities.  Now hip hop music artist B.D.K is coming out to speak on how he feels about Kanye West storming on stage as Beck went to give his acceptance speech.

“Kayne does it all the time.” he said. “He just mad he don’t get acknowledged. He throws a temper tantrum to get attention. He need to sit his old ass down wit his one hit wonder ass. The best thing he can do is keep riding Jay-z nuts like he’s been doing because he ain’t shit but a cry baby.”

B.D.K is an upcoming hip hop artist that has over 4 songs in rotation on Internet Hollywood Radio. He is currently one of the biggest played underground musicians on our radio circuits without the help of a major or indie label. His dedication to his work as a musician easily helped him land as #9 in our ‘top ten’ billboard charts back in early December. He has already been published in one of Internet Hollywood’s magazine issues that was released back in December. Check out one of his latest music videos below!

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