Hip Hop Artist B.D.K Slams The Media Over Ferguson Coverage, Says It’s Not About Race

BDK 2Hip Hop artist Breezy Da Konvict is a promising name rising in our universe for his incredibly hard work. The music artist is known for putting his heart inside of his work and for that reason we embrace everything he does. The music artist is now speaking out about a new incident where an unarmed black man, Michael Brown,  was gunned down by police officer, Darren Wilson, who was not indicted for his actions. Although many claims the protests are racially motivated rapper B.D.K claims it’s all false:

“Hell no! And no its not about race. The way the media puts it out it make it look like were pulling da racism card but the way these officer gets away with everything is crazy like, what’s good? Des n—-s had a 100 days to come up with a cover story to explain why he didn’t get charge, but the whole s— is if it was one of their people, one of their family members, or friend they would bury our a—s alive regardless of gender, color, or nationality. People don’t really understand racism so they sound ignorant trying to get across with racism, but we got to stand up and protect ourselves, if we don’t who will? We except things that we think we cant change cuz that’s what were told to do. F— that! I would answer back in violence to, f— u mean? We are people just like them, but to them we are a flock of sheep they’re  herding around. If you fall weak from the heard, which in this case, do something they don’t like they slaughter you instead taken the rite procedures to fixing the sheep. In this case taken mike brown down,  but now that their answering back its a problem. You didn’t hear us when we was talking to ya’ll but you gonna here us one way or another.”

B.D.K is currently one of the most active headlining artists involved in the Internet Hollywood universe that is expected to debut on Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Ten’ billboard charts later this month. The artist is also apart of the Game Of Rap series!

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