Hip Hop Artist Breezy Da Konvict Brushes Off Making Excuses, Says It’s For Scared People

BDK NEWSSSSSSSSSSInternet Hollywood Celebrity Breezy Da Konvict made it known to our reporters that he’s not a fan of making excuses. The music artist recently spoke to one of our reporters and shrugged off anything involving not chasing after your dreams. It’s common for people around the world to chase after their dreams, but the struggle in accomplishing it may put them in a place that squeezes out every bit of confidence they have in pursuing it.  One artist that is known for putting his money where his mouth is-is Internet Hollywood celebrity Breezy Da Konvict. Breezy is known for dominating the Internet Hollywood radio circuits with dozens of singles to back up his incredible talent that has helped him chart #9 on our top ten underground male hip hop charts. Although no new Internet Hollywood celebrity is apart of the international charts, Breezy is on a path that will lead him to that and something far more bigger. You can’t do that with excuses can you? Internet Hollywood reporters got a taste of Breezy’s mind state when it comes to making excuses to go after your dream:

Reporter: Many people in the world have a huge imagination as a child, but only a very few chase after it as they get older. We tend to see this a lot with people that chooses to make excuses not to go after their dreams. Why do you feel people make excuses not to pursue their goals?

Breezy: “Either they scared that they can’t live up to their standards or they just lazy.”

Breezy Da Konvict recently released a new video that features underground artists JB and Double T. The song is receiving heavy rotation through our radio circuits and is on the verge of cracking a thousand views on Youtube. Click the link below to check out the awesome music video!

Click Here To Watch!

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