Hip Hop Artist Breezy Da Konvict Drops A Bomb In “Me Myself” Music Video

bdk 3MC Breezy Da Konvict is pounding the airwaves inside of our Internet Hollywood radio circuit after dropping a new music video to his latest song “Me Myself”. The music artist recently updated his following on Facebook on the video shoot a little over a week ago. He also shared his artistic side and stated that he did the video by himself without any help. Breezy continues to spread his creativity through the sounds he creates inside of his music and it continues to grow bigger than ever before. The strong collaboration that features artists JB and Double T continues to paint the picture of their reality in the art of music. Overcoming the odds seems hard but these three magnificent artists makes sure their message is loud and clear. Hearing the pain in their voice is no choice because of their experiences with their everyday life. It is no surprise Breezy continues to lift the weight off his shoulder with bolder sounds that hits hard every time it makes it’s way to Internet Hollywood. The magical choice of words each of these artists chooses to represent their emotions is found in our everyday lives whenever we reflect on what we been through.  It’s a must that artists of this nature continues to build the culture of positive music for the next generation after us to follow! Check out the awesome video below!

Click Here To Watch!

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