Hip Hop artist Dayy discuss his biggest failures, the power of the Internet, starting a marketing company, his fast rapping style, upcoming projects and more!








Beyond The Lens (Music) – Connecticut independent artist Dayy of Swoop Nation had a lot to say in a recent interview we cooked up during our busy weekday. I recently got in touch with the artist over the week and sent him a few questions to answer for our website and he gladly did. I been following his work for quite sometime and figured why the hell not interview him? it would be pretty senseless on my behalf.


Dayy opened up about his love for music and the day he realized it was a key pathway to success. He also spoke on the power of the Internet and how, saying that it’s “taking over” and he plans on launching his own marketing company. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I love doing it!!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Dayy*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s going on Day!? It’s only been months since you last been published on InternetHollywood.com and now it looks like you will be making front page news again after this interview is completed. I always been a fan of Swoop Nations music for years now. I feel your team understands Hip Hop and respect the culture and the art it has brought to life while changing our lives in the process. When did you first realize that music was the key pathway to your success?


Dayy: I first noticed music was the key path way to my success when I started getting great vibes and positive feedback from individuals outside of my circle. From the actual records i was cutting to my on stage presence to winning almost all of the open mics and contests I’ve interned. Then once I started getting paid for shows I definitely know I was on the rite path. Lol.


Internet Hollywood: You are very good at delivering bars at a very fast pace. Where does your influence of fast rap comes from and how hard was it for you to learn how to do it?


Dayy: Learning to deliver my bars was very challenging for me, I remember when I 1st started my peers use to tell me to just stop, lol that’s how bad I was. But luckily I had two brothers (Will aka Gods Will & ILLnigma) to help me build my craft and understand the structure of creating verses, as well as rapping fast and being witty with the word play. So s/o to them.


Internet Hollywood: What was the biggest lesson you learned from a failure as an independent artist?


Dayy: One of the biggest failures I’ve learned in the music industry, was that it needs to happen in order to drive you to the next level, I’ve failed numerous times and each time I got back up and I learned from my mistakes. It builds character and separates the strong from the weak. And there’s no room for weakness.


Internet Hollywood: One thing I noticed about you is that you take advantage of the resources provided to you online. Your team is very active on social media. Why do you feel it is so important to be on top of that?


Dayy: I think that is probably the most important thing to have if your an artist,or an up and coming organization. If you look at the past 5 years when it comes to the digital world. It’s taken over everything. Tv, newspapers, are becoming obsolete. Everything is Digital, even album sales, from Soundcloud to Apple Music streams. I’m actually getting ready to launch a marketing company called “ICM”(Inner City Marketing) to open up more opportunities in the industry, so look out for that.

Internet Hollywood: What are some projects you got going on now?


Dayy:  I have some amazing music and visuals coming. relocating to Vegas this year I’m gonna focus on just dropping singles And touring, maybe a mixtape. If you look at the where the game is headed, that’s what labels are doing. So look be on the look out for some great records coming out very soon.


Internet Hollywood: I believe I seen you in a short film before. I’m curious to find out if movies is something you want to get involved in in the future?


Dayy: I’ve been acting and performing plays way b4 I was interested in pursuing music. Absolutely love acting, I always told myself if I was given the opportunity to act in short films or indie films I would take full advantage of it. So currently I dove into that field and started writing directing and starring in my own short films. I actually have a few short films that I’m writing up now. So if anyone interested in getting their acting on, hit me up!



Internet Hollywood: What would you say is your biggest challenge being an independent artist that’s trying to build his brand?


Dayy: One of the hardest things I’ve noticed was finding the right resources and investors to believe in you and your music. this Industry strives on needing money to actually make some real noice and give yourself a shot to make it. But I think it starts off of jus truly believing in yourself. Once you accomplish that the rest will follow.


Internet Hollywood: Where does Day end up if everything works out in your favor and who do you feel close to you would hold the torch next?


Dayy: If everything goes according to Plan I would expect to be bless with an established legacy. As a man your name, brand, and voice is everything in life. Looking up to successful black man such as LeBron James, Drake, P Diddy, Jay Z, 50 Cent. Each of those individuals stained their industry with there Name. Also giving back my knowledge and experience to not only the next generation, but to anyone who wants to become someone successful. Information is very powerful and one of the greatest keys in life. As for passing the torch, nothing is giving for free, so you gonna have to take it from me cause I ain’t letting it go. I got the eye of the tiger like Jordan, or black mamba. lol. I can’t just be giving anything away free. Lol.


Internet Hollywood: Thanks for the interview Dayy. Keep up the amazing work!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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