Hip Hop artist Dayy from Swoop Nation crushes TroyBoi Remix of Tinie Tempah’s “No Letting Go”

Independent Musicians – Swoop Nation has been putting in a great deal of work this year and the grind is definitely not slowing down. One of Connecticut’s fast flowing emcees just put together a verse of his own and even did a music video to add to it. The music video was published earlier this week and hundreds of people have already seen it. He received a huge amount of positive feed back and shares with comments of fire symbols.

The video shows the hip hop artist lyrically unleashing a typhoon of verses at a Connecticut fasTrak station.I honestly wouldn’t of been surprised if it would have been in another country. As of late, Swoop Nations has been expanding in different stated and didn’t too long have a music tour in Canada.

I first made aware of the music video when I was tagged in it by the artist on Facebook. I was really excited to hear and couldn’t wait to get the time to share it with everyone here. You could check the video out by clicking the highlighted link below.

Swoop Nation as a whole has been published on Internet Hollywood four times!


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