Hip Hop artist Hamp Hampton talks throwing parties, being a co-business owner, what artists he wants to collaborate with, music and more!

Beyond The Lens (Music) – Independent Hip Hop artist Hamp Hampton had quite a few things to share in a recent interview we had during the week. The Connecticut musician opened up about throwing events, Connecticut’s music scene, his upcoming projects, not living and fear and more. I got in touch with the artist earlier in the week and sent him eight questions to answer after he gave us the green light to do the interview. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Hamp Hampton*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Hamp Hampton? This is our very first interview together for InternetHollywood.com which is definitely historic. I always have the great pleasure in interviewing talented people from my home state of Connecticut. Could you fill our readers in on what you do?


Hampton: Well first I would like to say thank you again for the opportunity to be featured. As of right now I’m a song writer, co business owner, barber, nail tech, stylist, LOL I mean right now I’m doing whatever it takes to make it.


Internet Hollywood: Now you are one of the many people I know from CT with an entrepreneur mind state. I noticed that you went far beyond music and went into throwing events of your own. What inspired that transition?


Hampton: Music is always my passion!!! But I’ve always wanted to make people have a good time either through my music or having a event. Throwing events I get a thrill out of it especially when it’s a success.


Internet Hollywood: STILL Connecticut has failed to achieve commercial success on a mainstream level. But I have noticed a huge increase in strategic minded artists that is finally taking advantage of the internet while they can. Do you feel things has improved in the music scene for the better?


Hampton: CT Music scene always been great. We just starting to get the proper exposure we deserve. With artist like Money Ray, Trips Up, Snacks Giggaty, Richie P, ANoyd, Sax Fif, Waxx, Oscar Black, Ooozie Black a.k.a Opium Black, GOLD, Ru Williams and my brother Smooth Haynes…man the skies the limit. Hartford period are filled with so much talent that one of these guys can pop at any given time with the proper team and the support.


Internet Hollywood: You are always promoting new events. What are you working on now that you would like the public to know?


Hampton: Right now I’m working on a few things. Weekly parties at clubs are always fun but by next year I want to start booking CT artists only!!!


Internet Hollywood: Your songs are really great in quality when you put them out. This was also proven when you made front page news on Internet Hollywood last year after the released of your song ‘Judge Me’ featuring Snacks Giggaty. How important is it to you to make the visuals as good as the song itself?


Hampton: The visuals always have to be great. You can’t have low quality visuals with great quality songs because it’s already hard enough to get people’s attention as an up and coming artist. The visuals has to be better then the song itself!!!!


Internet Hollywood: What are some key tips to organizing your own event?


Hampton: Some key tips for organizing an event is having a great team behind you. With the right team everyone must work and know their position and what they can do to make the team better. No one must be greedy or counting each other’s pockets. If one eat we all eat. Also, have a plan and Execute the plan. Once u do that everything else falls in place.


Internet Hollywood: Do you live with the fear in not knowing where you’ll be in the future or you are confident that you know where?


Hampton: I can’t live in fear at this point of my life. I tell everyone this make sure u have a set of goals every 3 months of the year. Short term goals become long term goals. Once u have things to work towards then you’ll be fine. People should fear being a failure in life that’s my greatest fear. Or at least failing my children as a father.


Internet Hollywood: What is your advice for dreamers that wish to follow in your foot steps ?


Hampton: I would tell them to follow their own path. Use my life, my past and present as motivation to be better. I would tell them to never give up on their dreams & don’t be discouraged when one door is closed. I would say to the dreamers to always stay focused and work extremely hard.


Internet Hollywood: Thanks a lot for the interview Hampton. We definitely appreciate it and we’ll be looking forward to writing more about you in the future!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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