Hip Hop artist Logikil bodies his new freestyle to Meek Mill’s “Monster” beat!

Underground Music – Rapper Logikil is rallying behind Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill in a freestyle he did to the “Monster” instrumental. The Connecticut hip-hop artist released the video a few days ago on Facebook and has pulled in over 8 thousand views, 74 shares and dozens of comments.  The comments credited Logikil’s dope flow that set the microphone on fire from beginning to end.


The video hit Facebook in the morning hours on the 24th with a caption that reads: “Hip Hop feels it when Meek Mill is gone. Hold your head, Share to support.”


The freestyle itself doesn’t really mention Meek Mill’s ongoing battle with the Philly court system. It actually doesn’t include anything from or about him but the instrumental. The rest is a wicked freestyle that switches up as he explodes with a fast pace flow riddled with hard-hitting punchlines and multis that slams each bar in the verse with extreme intensity.


The video appears to be shot in an open studio with the artist alone and tuning out to the headphones in his ear as he went off with force; “I’m riding with the crew/they don’t promise happiness they only promise the pursuit//my brother like a ??? get the wildin’ he gon’ shoot/ kill you in the flesh while I body in the booth.”


Logikil is known to be a very skilled independent artist that has viciously ripped into many songs in the past and still does now. He also has his own recording studio. To find out more information at that email Logikil at Logikil860@gmail.com


Check out the freestyle video by clicking here!


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