Hip Hop artist Marcus Gramz a.k.a GOLD releases his new music video titled “Pull Up” featuring O’Merta!

Underground Music (MM) – Independent rap artist Marcus Gram a.k.a GOLD continues to heat up the streets with new music and videos that have been surfacing the web since both of their releases this month. One of the music videos features a singer from the state of Connecticut named Ru Williams and the second includes another rapper from the state named O’Merta.


The song with Ru Williams, which remixes Wiz Khalifa’s song “Something New” featuring Ty Dolla Sign, is about 2 minutes long and includes the unique style of flowing and catchy metaphors that he is known for in all of his great music. (Watch Here)


The song “Pull Up” which features Connecticut rap artist O’Merta goes deeper into the street realm of rap with more aggressive bars, strong deliveries, unique metaphors and the modernized commercial sound of autotune. The hook possess its own high energetic sound and bounces around the word “pull” in a few metaphorical ways; “Every time I pull up, every time I pull up/I’m gon set the bar like a mother****** pull up//


O’Merta had his time to bite into the song as soon as his verse came. He harmonized each bar in melodies and carried a strong torch in each line that carried the heat of his lines to the very end. This was definitely a great collaboration. The video also featured Unified Blockz own Mark Diggity.


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G.O.L.D – Instagram – Facebook

O’Merta: Instagram

Mark Diggity: Instagram – Facebok



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