Hip Hop artist O’Merta discuss music, losing his friend Splash, his tribute song ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’, surviving a shooting, trying not to be a statistic and more!

Beyond The Lens (Music) – Connecticut Hip Hop artist O’Merta recently opened up to us in an interview we wrapped up before the beginning of this weekend. I got in touch with the artist about two weeks back and asked if he would like to do an interview with us and he said yes. Shortly after, I prepared a few questions and sent them as soon as I could.


I have been following O’Merta’s work for years and I have witnessed him grow into a better artist with a great deal of content to deliver at the time of his choosing. I was definitely excited to chop it up with him.  Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w O’Merta*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s good Arkatekk Miles? We are finally piecing together your very first interview with Internet Hollywood and I’m excited about it. For our readers, could you bring light to who you are and what you do?


O’Merta: I’m an upcoming artist from the Southend of Hartford, I make music to express my life and inner thoughts. I relate to the streets cause that’s all I ever knew and I make music to give hope to youth.


Internet Hollywood: Many people don’t know that we’ve known each other for years. One thing I always remembered is you being so in tuned with music that it was almost impossible to find you and not hear you rapping. What was the magnetic influence that drawn you closer to music?


O’Merta: My family, I wanted to be more than just a statistic so I took music serious hoping to help my family, my friends, and other people looking for a way out.


Internet Hollywood: You went through a lot of things and have explained it in some of your songs. You also went into great detail in your song “When I’m Gone” and described what lead up to you being shot. What kind of things goes through a person mind when a situation like that is unfolding?


O’Merta: Living to see another day, I’m here and that’s all that matters.


Internet Hollywood: Do you feel the emotions you went through before when you’re describing it in your songs?


O’Merta: Yea I put emotions in most of my music, I speak on my life and the ones close around me.


Internet Hollywood: You also did a song titled “Hard To Say Goodbye” for a friend of yours that died in a car accident. We could really hear the pain in your voice in that song. The song was streamed by thousands of people after it was released. Many people appreciated that song. Do you feel it was your biggest and most important song this far?


O’Merta: No I don’t feel like it was biggest my song. I feel like I had a lot of pain from losing Splash and I just wanted to get it off my chest. Many people have lost a loved one and they related to the song because it was the real pain.


Internet Hollywood: You are someone that I know pays attention to the entire art form of your content before you put it out. This was seen in your music videos with TheFaceyKid. How did your first video “When I’m Gone” come about? Did you originally want it to be that way?


O’Merta: When I’m gone came as a sequel to my first video “ Where I’m Going” it was to give the fans and the community a thought of when life is over whats gonna happen to everything you left behind.

Internet Hollywood: I noticed you have been participating in battle rapping. What made you want to go that route and who do you feel was your toughest opponent?


O’Merta: I was just battling to try something different. The way I rap is aggressive so I figured I’ll try it out on other people. And honestly I don’t feel like I met my match, I might find it if I get back into it the ring but for now, I’m focused on my mixtape “Omerta or Murda”.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you O’Merta! 


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