Hip Hop artist Pyrex Nitty sends a strong message to black women in his new music video “Strong Black Woman”

Underground Music (MM) – Hip Hop artist Pyrex Nitty has a very strong message for black women in his new music video titled “Strong Black Woman” that was released a few weeks ago. The Connecticut music artist put his art in motion and created strong images that express the beauty in having black pride and why opposers of that continue to undergo surgeries and other things to look like them.


The video appears to be shot in Hartford and includes a lot of scenes that paint the perfect picture for the message Nitty is sending in his music. Edwin Escobar is the eyes behind the amazing directing that made this video astounding for everyone to see and the response looks to be great so far.  The song is a part of his new “White Lobster” mixtape.


Nitty has been known to express his views openly regardless of who may like it or not. He is a known name in the Connecticut music scene that is widely respected in the realm of music and outside of it. I myself witnessed Nitty’s musical impact in places like his hometown of Hartford, Connecticut. I have written many stories about it during my Mayhem MusikK reporting years.


Nitty has a huge amount of music that could be heard simply by Youtubing his name in the search engines. But the hip-hop artist and Edwin Escobar seem to have a strategy set in that will definitely shake up the music scene as the “White Lobster” wave come into effect. Check out the video below!


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