Hip Hop artist Richie P releases a new freestyle titled ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ on Soundcloud!

Underground Music – Connecticut own’s Richie P just released his second freestyle of the month on Soundcloud and has been getting a positive reaction since its release. The rapper released the new song on Monday afternoon and tagged a lot of people he wanted to hear it on his social media status. The freestyle even received a like from fellow Connecticut artist Joe Banga.


The raw and gritty freestyle blesses the ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ with hard-hitting lines that lands punches with smooth wordplay that’s calculated with a storm of multi’s that flows through the beat with clear quality.


“Tell me why when I spit the nicest?/

You know that Hartford talk…with all these bars…need a liquor license//”

Claim to be from the hood but never been inside it/

those the type that be missing guidance//

Can’t speak in your face but talking **** in private/

That’s why ****** keep them pistol’s firing//


The freestyle continues with more bars that send a clear message to listeners, he is confident in his ability to write bars and he has enough content out to prove anyone that think anything else is wrong. The song comes out 11 days after he released a freestyle titled ‘Soul Food’ on Soundcloud. He also has a song titled ‘Never Go Broke’ that features a singer named Des.


Richie P was last published on Internet Hollywood back in September 2017 after completing his interview with us. In the interview, he gave us details on an ep titled “It’s About Time” that he was working on. (Read Here)


You could check out all of the songs I named above by following the links below!


Richie P: Soundcloud

Listen Now: ‘Diplomatic Immunity’

Listen Now: ‘Soul Food’

Listen Now: ‘Never Go Back’ feat. Des

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