History: Model Cheyenne Marie Was The Youngest Model Ever Published In Internet Hollywood

cheyenne21-year-old Model Cheyenne Marie is making front page headlines after our reporters discovered she was recently published in Solis Magazine. Her incredible modeling couldn’t have gone unnoticed during Andres Aquino’s Couture Fashion Week in New York. Cheyenne’s beautiful face was made for great runway moments and we are glad photographer Mark Callen was there to capture this  one on camera.  How could we forget to add Donna Latino of Syracuse Styling for doing an absolutely amazing job on Cheyenne’s hair? If you are interested in checking out the awesome photos from the event click on Andres Aquino’s Facebook fan page below. Shall we move on? Cheyenne’s eye opening beauty is jaw dropping enough to consider her one of the best at the age she is. She is a familiar face that’s easily recognizable in Internet Hollywood because she’s made headlines repeatedly in the past. As a matter fact, Cheyenne was the first model under the age of 21 to make front page news on Internet Hollywood. If it wasn’t for Cheyenne paving the way, models like Keka Colon would struggle to break into Internet Hollywood. A great deal of Cheyenne’s success has to be credited to the huge amount of support she receives from her family. It’s very rear to come across new updates on the young model without seeing her beautiful mother Pamela rooting her on. What could possibly be more awesome than that? Cheyenne is a dazzling star watching the world from above and soon many young models all over the world will look up to her. She deserves all the credit in the world for being the incredible woman she is. If Cheyenne continues down this path she will quickly become the youngest superstar in Internet Hollywood’s history! The amazing photo above of Cheyenne was took by Shakespeare’s Angel Photography. Want to know something even cooler? Shakespeare Angel’s photographer is none other than Cheyenne’s mother! It doesn’t get any better than that! Awesome job mom!

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