Holbrook Photography to make an appearance at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party

Coming Up – Massachusetts photographer Holbrook Garcia will be bringing the light to the party when he cross through the glass doors of the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, CT on August 19th. The photographer has played a helping hand in developing ideas for the magazine and dance party since the beginning stages of planning. I learned a great deal from him in a very short amount of time and I appreciate him a lot for it. Without his help I’m positive the process would have took a whole lot longer to complete


Holbrook hasn’t filled me in on whether he will be doing photo shoots on the night of the party. Instead of asking this time I chose to see the natural flow of things happen while the party is in motion. I been a fan of Gracia’s work since April and every time he picks up a camera magic happens. He took some of the most amazing photos from Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year back in April.


One of the main things I liked is how he finds the time through a busy environment to capture someone perfectly as if there in a room alone. I witnessed this at our party in Worcester, Massachusetts at The Raven Club. He had dozens of people in my DM’s telling me how much they love his photos of them. This guy is freaking awesome.


You could check out some of Holbrook Photography’s amazing work by clicking the attached links posted below!


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