Hold Up: Is That Lonnie Alex Standing Behind Will Ferrell And Amy Poehler In “The House” Official Trailer?

Internet Hollywood News – After browsing through a couple of our sensation’s pages I happened to notice something that was published on Lonnie Alex’s page. The Nevada model and actress published a screen shot image of herself standing behind Will Ferell and Amy Poehler in a casino. The picture shows the actress having a conversation with an unidentified male who was also casted as an extra for the film.

Although the gorgeous Internet Hollywood sensation said she doesn’t post about background stuff, she had to make an exception for that one since it was her first trailer!


“I made the trailer!  Usually i don’t post about background stuff but this is the first time I’ve ever been in the movie trailer so I’ll make an exception. lol”

Alex has been achieving a great deal of success and a huge amount of notoriety for all of her hard work. She just recently found out that she’s ranked #2 on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart. She was also featured on page 9 in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year. She is now the third most published model in Internet Hollywood.

You could check out the hilarious trailer to the movie “Full House” below on Youtube!


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