Hollie Lehouillier On Kanye West: VMAs: “I Feel He Needed To Do It.”

hollie 2Hollie is keeping her thoughts simple and short when he asked about Kanye West storming Beck’s stage at the VMAs. The model seems to be leaning towards favoring Kanye’s action because it’s how he feels. She also stated it was needed to make a point and so that everyone has  a way of expressing themselves:

“Honestly If he felt that’s what he needed to do to make a point then so be it. Everyone has their way of showing emotion and maybe that was just his way.”

Hollie’s is one of the latest ProjectXPlatinum  models who is also represented by Mooi Model Management. The model was recruited to Internet Hollywood by ProjectXPlatinum’s wonderful c0-founder Isabel Vinson. Hollie is a unique figure growing as an alternative model by the day. She just recently kicked off her Internet Hollywood journey after breaking headlines back in January 25th. We learned that the 21-year-old sweetheart was quite the keeper with her incredibly sweet personal. “My name is Hollie and I’m from a little town in Western MA,” she said. “I’m a pretty independent person. I work full time, with a tiny side job and I attend night school for Mechanical Engineering. There is a lot going on in my life and I’m usually really kept to myself but Modeling is a way to escape reality even if its just for a little while.”

It’s time like this that helps us predict if a upcoming model will dominate Internet Hollywood’s top ten billboard charts in future months to come. We will just have to see!

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Photo By WMN Photography!

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