Holly Salmon reveals her Halloween costume, discusses her upcoming Halloween shoots, paranormal experiences, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Independent Connecticut model Holly Salmon just gave me the inside scoop on what she has planned for Halloween. She also filled me in on some of her favorite candies and foods to eat, the horror movies she loves watching, haunted things she experienced and more. Check out the 5-question interview!


~*~*Topic of the Week – Halloween /w Holly Salmon *~*~


Internet Hollywood: Halloween is a very popular holiday to people that love the taste of sweets, dressing up and partying. I have been taking some time out of my day to get the inside scoop on everyone’s plans for the holiday to share with the Internet Hollywood universe. What are you currently planning for Halloween? Do you plan on dressing up as anyone?


Holly: I do plan on dressing up quite a bit this year as I have a bunch of photoshoot themes to do. But as for my actual costume, I’m going to go as a cute little flower deer. “Oh deer” if you will!


Internet Hollywood: Are you planning on doing any Halloween shoots this year? Who would you like to do a photo shoot as?


Holly: I have a ton of shoots coming up because this time of year is my absolute favorite to shoot. I have a shoot coming up with Mandii Creates this Saturday and then a group shoot which is Halloween themed the week after. Plus I have set up a shoot with MCM photography studios for later this month!


Internet Hollywood: This is two of my three favorite questions to ask people I’m interviewing about Halloween; what are some of your favorite horror movies to watch and is there a movie that you wouldn’t watch because it was too horrifying?


Holly: I absolutely love horror movies. It took me until I was about 12 or 13 to actually embrace the fact that I like scary movies because I was always too scared to watch them! But one of my favorite horror movies of all time is “Carrie,” the original one with Sissy Spacek. I haven’t found a movie too scary for me yet!


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever had a haunted experience growing up as a child?


Holly: When I was a child I don’t really remember anything paranormal happening to me. It honestly started happening to me later in life when I actually started to explore the Paranormal. I had a couple instances but nothing extremely terrifying.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are some of your favorite foods and candies to eat around this time of year and what kind of safety tips would you like to share with people taking their kids out trick or treating this year for the first time?


Holly: My favorite candy of all time is Gummy Bears. I also love gummy worms and pretty much anything along that line I will devour in a minute. My advice would be watch your kids be safe, have fun and let them be whatever they want to be!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the holiday interview, Holly! Keep doing an amazing job!




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