HOLY SHIT!!!: First A Baseball Season, Football Season, Basketball Season – Now A RAP Season!!

game of rap seriesThanks to Prince Vega, RAP is finally getting its own season AND it’s a BIG one! The internet world will soon shake from the quake that will rock our universe right off the center of its axis. The new ‘GAME OF RAP’ season will bring in musicians from all over the world that will compete once a month in Internet Hollywood ON RECORD. What does this mean? Internet Hollywood will keep record on all our rappers wins, losses and ties during contests, battles and more. Lets look at it like boxing for example, if a rapper challenges another rapper from Internet Hollywood to battle him/her at one of our ‘pay per views’ whether they win or lose by the amount of votes they receive, it will be kept on their record. Internet Hollywood ‘pay per views’ is the most hyped events all year round. The level of exposure involving these events comes with thousands of dollars worth of promotion. Another example, you see how “WWE” hypes up their pay per views on “Monday Night Raw” and “Smackdown” shows? That’s exactly how its done in the ‘Game Of Rap’ series, but everyday. Countless hours will go into promoting pay per view matchups between Internet Hollywood musicians that are either rivaling or just in a song vs song battle. How does it work? If an artist was rivaling with another artist and wanted to settle it on record they will have to do it on a pay per view, because all wins and losses are documented on that day of the month. What’s the benefit? The level of exposure they will have, DUH! The more an artist participates inside of the ‘pay per views’ the more exposure they will get in our headlines, magazines, award shows, billboard charts, radio stations, shows and more. The creation of the ‘Game Of Rap’ series provides a more fun and entertaining experience to the underground world of rap in Internet Hollywood. The series is in honor of Sorrow’s Princess Joey Claris who we are hoping will take full control over the series with her own contests in the future! We are also adding “King & Queen” heavyweight and middleweight belts to represent the rap champions in Internet Hollywood. The longer an artist holds onto the heavyweight belt the more chances they have in getting paid monthly in the future. When does the season start? October 5th marks the official start of the ‘Game Of Rap’ Preseason. The official date of the original series kicks off on the 1st of November! How to join? Inbox your name an artist page to internethollywood@aol.com! The fee in being an Internet Hollywood celebrity right now is $75 a month.


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