Holy Sh*t: Your Jaw Will Drop After Seeing MiMi’s Photo Shoot With BeyondXSelfish

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Prince Vega – As Internet Hollywood Radio approaches December 29th, dozens of models are making sure their achievements becomes leading stories on our weekly news radio show network on Tuesdays and Sundays starting December 29th. We have witnessed some pretty jaw dropping moments leading up to the final days before cashing on a brand new year and now is one of those times.


mimi new 8Model MiMi is again making front page news after our reporters discovered brand new photos from one of her latest photo shoots with BeyondXSelfish. In one of the photos the gorgeous model is seen stretching the corners of her black g-string while standing in a bandit building with a striped t-shirt on. The calculated photo was executed by BeyondXSelfish and MiMi’s skilled ability to capture the eyes with her beautiful body was all it took to create a masterpiece out of not so ordinary photo shoot.


The release of the photos comes a month after endless updates from MiMi about the shoot she was certain was going to capture the attention of everybody on her social media page. The five time headlining Internet Hollywood celebrity shook our readers from their keyboards after a photo from the newly released shoot showed a back shot of the models voluptuous booty made headlines in Internet Hollywood back in November. With in a little time MiMi has gained enough readers to make her the most viewed newest model to debut as a superstar on the week the photo was released. She received nearly a thousand views within days after being released.


mimi edit new 5MiMi’s strategic thinking may be the very reason the model will outlast newer models that are aiming to be a top model in our digital universe. She’s very smart and has used that to her advantage knowing that it will benefit her in the long run. Shortly after deciding to model she almost instantly became a Internet Hollywood celebrity. She is 20 stories away from being a leading superstar in Internet Hollywood.


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