Hooper Vibe Girl discuss her journey to hooping, learning how to perform, becoming a dance teacher, the club scene, and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts Hooper & Dancer Vibe Girl has given us some time to dig into her life to learn more about her journey as a hooper and dancer. I was connected with her through Facebook for a while and didn’t really have the chance to have a conversation with her, so I decided to send her an invitation for a small interview as soon as I had the time. I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Vibe Girl*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Violetta! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I’m honored to interview someone as talented as you. I checked out your work and it really incites my imagination when I check out the photos you have on your social media page. You are the first hooper I interviewed. When did you decide to become a performer a hooper and what was the source of your motivation that started it all?


Violetta: Hello Justin and thank you for speaking highly about my work. I’ve been performing on the stage since I was 7 years old when I started taking dance classes and I’ve always loved it. Stage always was my happy place and I love being in a flow state of mind but also, frankly speaking, I love that attention people give you when you perform, especially if you do it well. First time I picked up a hoop at the festival when my friend suggested joining her for a hooping session and I absolutely loved it. I’ve been practicing hooping for a few months before I met Paula (the founder of Vibrant Visions) who got me interested in becoming a part of a flow troupe called Vibrant Visions and that’s when my true journey as a hooper began.


Internet Hollywood: What was the most challenging thing you had to go through during the process of learning how to perform the way you do?


Violetta: As a performer, you go through a number of challenging things, but I think my biggest one was to not overthink it. It may sound funny, but especially when it comes to being a flow artist it’s important to let your body do the magic and feel the right vibe. Obviously, you need to practice to make it perfect and I am so grateful for having such a great mentor like Natasha who is a team leader of Royale Dolls, she helped me a lot with polishing my dancing skills. But “going with a flow” is an important skill for any performer. Be ready for anything and enjoy what you are doing, embrace every moment of it. It kind of became my life moto as well.


Internet Hollywood: Judging by your pictures, you’re really into the nightclub scene. Were you always into that kind of atmosphere or was clubbing something you later got into?


Violetta: I’ve been into the club scene since I was 18 when I started going to the clubs back home in Russia and had my first experience gogo dancing. It’s always been a fun way of spending time for me and I’m really glad it’s a part of my career and everyday life now.


Internet Hollywood: I remember you told me you were a member of something called the Royale Dolls. Could you explain what’s that about?


Violetta: I am a part of an awesome team of performers called City Muse who offer party entertainment services in Boston area. We work a lot of fun events like birthdays, local festivals, corporate parties and club nights. Royale club in Downtown Boston is one of our primary spots where I have residency as a gogo dancer for over 2 years. You can see me there almost every weekend. We have the most amazing and very talented girls in our crew and we call ourselves Royale Dolls.


Internet Hollywood: How did your journey to becoming a dance teacher begin and what do you teach exactly?


Violetta: First I started teaching dance in a summer camp back home and a couple years after moving to United States I found myself doing the same thing in Boston. I love working with kids and dancing is my passion so being a dance teacher is definitely something I truly enjoy doing.


Internet Hollywood: What is your vision for your career in the future and what are some of the steps you plan on taking this year to get you closer to making it a reality?


Violetta: I would love to continue my career as a dance teacher and to open my own dance studio which is something I’m planning to work on this year. I’m also going to recreate dances from The Greatest Showman for the kids dances in summer camp and I’m really excited about that, that movie inspired me in so many ways! And of course, growing as a flow artist and evolving as a dancer is also on my agenda for this year.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; are you currently working on anything or have any events coming up that you would like everyone to know about?


Violetta: I am currently working on an upcoming dance recital with my dance kids and planning my summer camp program which I mentioned earlier and I am also working on a series of hooping and gogo dancing workshops with Paula from Boston Flow and Natasha from Royale Dolls. Both of them are very talented, creative and are great and super fun to work with.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Violetta!


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