Hopsin Explains Why He Walked Off Stage On Revolt TV: “Them Motherf*****s Set Me Up.”

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Hopsin is finally addressing his recent meltdown on live television, where the rapper got angry and walked off stage during his set. After fans waited hours in the dark for answers, Hopsin finally opened up about what really made him knock the microphone over and storm off stage.

“For those of u making assumptions and wondering about my performance on revolt yesterday, here’s what happened. I was hyped and ready to perform my songs when I arrived. Then 15 mins before I get on stage, they said I had to perform the clean versions. I was upset that nobody felt the need to tell me this HUGE detail before I showed up. I cus a s*** load in all my songs and I knew it would fry my brain if i tried to censor myself on LIVE television with no rehearsal. So in the process of all the cameras being on me and my brain trying hard to replace my cuss words on stage, I slipped Up on a lyric and said “f*** this ****”, then left. motherf*****s set me up for failure. If they wanted a clean version, I should have been informed before I got there. Period. I don’t regret what I did. I’m too raw for clean versions anyway.”

According to Hits Daily Double, the rapper’s new album is expected to sell 14-16,000 traditional copies during the July 24-30 tracking week. The total amount of sales will easily help the artist land within the Top 15 of the Billboard Top Album Sales chart. You can check the video out below!

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