Hopsin Exposes Funk Volume’s Former CEO Damian Ritter In ‘Ill Mind Of Hopsin 8’


Prince VegaHopsin is finally sharing his version of what went down between him and Funk Volume’s former CEO Damien Ritter that caused the successful independently owned label to grow apart. In the video that artist compares him to Tomica Wright, Eazy-E’s widow, saying Damien would get angry when he asked about things in relation to the business side of things in Funk Volume – like his percentage. The amazingly gifted hip hop artist also explained how Damien has a gambling problem and tried to replace him with Dizzy Wright.


Ever since Hopsin’s departure from Funk Volume he has started a new movement called Undercover Prodigy. I got to admit that a name like that fits perfectly with Hopsin. People should be proud that Hopsin has freed himself from the dark forces that holds him back from his true self. We should be happy that such a talented artist is finally back making music freely without being pressured by people he feels uncomfortable around. Take a journey into Hopsin’s ‘ILL Mind‘ by clicking the video link below!

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