Hopsin Threatens To Leave Funk Volume: If He Doesn’t Leave, Then I Will”

hopsin new 5Prince Vega – Rapper Hopsin is threatening to leave his own record label Funk Volume after being insulted by CEO and business partner Damien Ritter. The rapper accused the co-founder of claiming he doesn’t work “hard enough” when claims he’s helped him earn endless cash with his music.


the Los Angeles, California rapper wrote: “Fuck Damien Ritter. This man is the death of funk volume.”


Hopsin continued to express his frustration with a strong ultimatum.

“I’ve been having issues with my business partner Damien Ritter,” Hopsin writes on Instagram. “We started this whole FV shit years ago, but this man has all the sudden built up the courage to disrespect me and tell me I don’t work hard when I’ve made him Extremely wealthy over the years from my music. At this point, if he doesn’t leave funk volume, then I will. I’m putting it out there publicly so he knows that it’s fuck him forever. If ur a real Hopsin fan, I need your support right now and I only hope u continue to strongly support me if/when I leave FV. My heart will always rep FV, but as of right now, it’s not home for me as long as Dame is apart of it.”

The words didn’t end their for the publicized issue. He made it clear that it is something he doesn’t want, he just feel it may need to happen.

“If ur a real Hopsin fan, i hope u still fuck with me with or without Fv,” he writes. “This isn’t something I want, its just something that may need to happen. I made this man VERY wealthy over the years from my music, and for him to tell me I don’t work hard at all is just flat out disrespect.”

“Never forget the reason why u even have a little name in this business pal,” Hopsin writes in a subsequent Facebook post. “My Raw vision paid u big time”

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We could only hope this problem gets resolved before it gets out of hand!

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