Hottie Alert: Massachusetts Model Erika Lynn Lights Up Facebook With Dozens Of Hot New Selfies

Prince Vega – One Massachusetts model has been letting her bunny ears hang high on her social media page and hundreds are beginning to catch on to it. Erika Lynn out of Massachusetts has been a topic worth discussion after lighting Facebook up repeatedly with loads of hot and steamy selfies.


The overwhelming amout of published photos caught the attention of Internet Hollywood reps who extended their hands to the model after noticing her amazing amount of potential. Her weekly collection consist of a variety of photos that includes her in leggings, bodysuits, actual photo shoots and more. She also has dozens of videos that gives followers a close look of her beautiful face and amazing wardrobe!


So what benefits come with Lynn’s opportunity to be an Internet Hollywood sensation? Let’s make it simple, there is nobody in Internet Hollywood posting selfies at the rate that Lynn is at this time. The most interesting fact is her chances in topping Internet Hollywood’s top selfies chart will increase if she continues to do so.


Lynn’s gorgeous face and wonderful body isn’t the only reason she’s being considered for a celebrity role in Internet Hollywood. She has the drive to climb to bigger places with her active involvement on her social media pages. The Internet is quickly becoming the leading pulse to the world’s connection to the outside universe and sensations like Lynn are being born everyday fresh from their homes.


I’m confident that Lynn will successfully accomplish her goal with our support and I’m willing to go the distance to ensure she is completely protected during the process. Lynn is the second model to receive an invitation to be a part of Internet Hollywood because of her selfies in it’s entire 2 ½ year history.


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