How Dasia Lewis’s Internet Hollywood Magazine Feature Helped Open The Gates For Newer Models

Internet Hollywood News – Normally when we discuss anything involving our sensations behind the scenes we place it in our “Holly Scoop” section of the website. When sensations manage to make huge accomplishments their stories tend to find their way into multiple columns at one time. That’s pretty much the case with upcoming Massachusetts model Dasia Lewis.


Now I could sit here and shove the importance of being featured in a Internet Hollywood magazine but It probably wouldn’t matter. I would rather publish the stories to excite people enough to want to make it a goal to be published in our magazines in the future. Models like Dasia Lewis has worked hard as an independent model to establish herself and we noticed. That’s one of the things that made us consider her as a feature in the new issue.


Lewis best friend Shonnysha Robinson was also featured in the issue on page 14. Both models shared the left spread while Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega took page 15. The whole page spread gives more evidence to the fact that models without published stories could end up being featured in the magazine. The issue included a total of 15 unpublished models.


The truth is inside the pudding that was whipped up during Arlene Diaries in the beginning of February. After the historic month hundreds of newer models stormed in Internet Hollywood eager to be apart of our universe. Lewis is one of the faces that helped opened the gate for fresh new talent to plant their seeds to blossom in Internet Hollywood. Now newer models from all over the United States are submitting their portfolios for us to make them our newest sensations.  This is one of the very important reasons Dasia Lewis.


This gorgeous picture of Dasia Lewis was taken by Rosaline. You could check our first magazine issue of the year by clicking here.

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