How Model Melissa McCulley went from performing at the IH Party to walking in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show in Massachusetts on July 1st!

Independent singer & model Melissa McCulley has lit a flame that hasn’t died down in the Internet Hollywood universe and we’re going to witness things get even hotter in months to come. McCulley was just selected to model in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show in May. McCulley participated in our auditions at the Internet Hollywood party in Manchester, CT back in August 2017.


McCulley was one of the fifteen models that were chosen to model some of the designers clothing. Certain models were told the news personally and others are learning from surprise publications on our website. Nothing like finding out the best news on the news right? lol.


McCulley not only stood her grown during her walk but she also performed at the Internet Hollywood party back in August as well. Her voiced electrified many in the crowd who took out their cameras and recorded the independent artist balancing each melody with her beautiful vocals. It was definitely a sight to see.


McCulley walked in the audition with a beautiful red dress that looked amazing on her as she smoothly walked across the theater floors. She seemed calmed and looked as if she calculated her steps well. It was good enough for her to be considered for the fashion show. Congratulations Melissa!

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