How S.O.S And Breezy Da Konvict Managed To Dominate Internet Hollywood Radio Circuits

on the airMany are wondering how these three strong hip hop artists manage to hold a tight grip on the radio circuits in Internet Hollywood for this long and that answer is simple: creativity! The engine that drives their level of exposure is found in the tracks they release that reveals how flexible their rap skills are.  No matter how slow or fast the tempo is… both competitors manage to show off a style many lyricists have trouble catching up on.  Breezy’s talent comes with  a unique delivering that impacts the ending of every bar he delivers in whatever verse he puts together in a song he record. ‘Mr. Konvict’ became one of the most requested songs in our circuits alongside ‘Wasted’ after the two artists squared off in the Game Of Rap preseason in October. The official season is expected to kick off in May and chances are both artists will be meeting again to face off. The battle between both artists was rated the #1 face off in the Game Of Rap preseason by the second floor private committee in November. Breezy Da Konvict grind is so hard that it’ll almost be impossible for the artist not to make the Top 10 musicians charts by April. Breezy just recently released a music video that he edited, directed and starred in himself! S.O.S has also been keeping their grind strong when it comes to live performances. Recently Rude Boy took on ‘AMAN Rock The MIC’ talent audition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. S.O.S. is currently the ranked #2 in Internet Hollywood’s  ‘Top Ten Headlining Musicians’ chart

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