IH Party Anniversary: NilkaDeTorress made a special appearance at the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts in April 2017!

IH Party Anniversary (4/22/17) – NilkaDeTorress was one the brains behind setting up the party and she successfully managed to do so and the night turned out to be a success because of that. She helped guide Internet Hollywood Vega through a great event by offering her support, advice, and suggestions. She also prepared food for the party and served it to the guest that were in attendance that night. She is one of Vega’s most creative thinkers when it comes to decorating venues and organizing the show perfectly for all guest. This wonderful picture of NilkaDeTorress was taken at the Internet Hollywood party by the incredibly talented Holbrook Photography.


Nilka DeTorress:   Facebook – Instagram

Holbrook Photography: Facebook  – Instagram

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