IH Radio: Blockboyy Gotti, Bugz & AL Wack’s song ‘Straight Drop’ lands #9 on Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart

IH Radio  – Hip Hop artists Blockboyy Gotti, Bugz and AL Wack has broke into the Internet Hollywood Radio stream and landed at #9 on the Internet Hollywood Music Playlist. The countdown was designed to shed light on some of the latest music dropping on the independent circuit. The chart is later updated with a new listing and if artists manage to maintain their position on the charts Vega will act as a publish and promoter to the artist (for the time being) to help contribute to them reaching the ears of more people and even bookings for some Internet Hollywood events, private parties, and radio shows.


Blockboyy Gotti is one of the latest picks that will fill a performer slot at the Internet Hollywood party. He is set to perform a few songs on the evening of the Internet Hollywood party in Connecticut on November 16th. The talks of having the artist as a performer started early last year. It will be Blockboyy’s first appearance at a Internet Hollywood Party!


Bugz has made quite an impact on the thinkers behind Internet Hollywood’s board. The artist appeared on the Internet Hollywood music chart twice; his feature with BlockBoyy Gotti and AL Wack and his solo song (which I’m not going to name). It will be revealed this week in a story. AL Wack is a new name I have came across but I’m interested in checking out more of his music. He killed his flow in his verse and took on the beat with a stylist force. Check out the song below and look out for the archive of the radio show coming out this week!


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