IH Radio Co-host Brittany Elizabeth to take on news reporter position at the Internet Hollywood fashion show on July 1st!

Internet Hollywood Party – The Internet Hollywood fashion show just got a lot more interesting as more announcements surface on our website that includes behind the scenes decisions made by all parties involved in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show. One of the newest decisions includes Internet Hollywood’s first radio co-host Brittany Elizabeth.


Elizabeth has been chosen to fill a position as an independent news reporter for the very first time since being added to the Internet Hollywood team nearly two years ago. Elizabeth has been a great friend of mine for years and shares her mind with no filters and that has made me admire her personality since the day I first spoke with her. She was definitely the first selection I had in mind.


Although Elizabeth never hosted a show yet on IH Radio, this will be the stepping stone to get her face more out in the open and among talented people like her with similar dreams and goals they wish to pursue. It will also be the very first Internet Hollywood show she attended.


Elizabeth will be interviewing some of the upcoming talents that will be in attendance on the night of the party. She will be the voice of the Internet Hollywood universe that night and we all will live in the reporting shoes of one of Internet Hollywood’s newest faces.


The event will be taken place in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st. Everything involving venue selection is currently being worked on and options are still being explored until the best venue that fits our needs are found. I look forward to working with Elizabeth throughout the next few months!


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