IH Radio: Drugga’s ‘Reggie Wright’ featuring Hartford Po & Bud Cinco lands #7 on Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart

IH Radio – The release of Drugga’s song ‘Reggie Wright’ featuring Hartford PO & Bud Cinco is getting what it deserves on Internet Hollywood’s Music Playlist this week. The song was ranked #7 on the countdown after being voted on the list by Vega and his team. This means people will hear about these artists more on Internet Hollywood Radio and see more stories written on these artists about their latest updates more often. The list was design to support artists in the independent realm that we feel deserves more recognition.


Hartford Po and Bud Cinco has seen a fair share of Internet Hollywood stories in the past which could easily trace some level of contribution to this entry that shows its dominance in each verse presented in this collaboration by each artist. The reason this track was selected to be on the list will be revealed sometime this week when the archive of the Internet Hollywood Radio show is available for everyone to listen. You could check out the song below!

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