IH Radio: Joe Banga’s “I’m so Hartford” freestyle snatches #6 on Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart

IH Radio – Hip Hop artist Joe Banga has always been an artist that has made front page news on InternetHollywood.com. He has been published on the website thirteen times already and was just voted #6 on the Internet Hollywood Music Chart by our small committee. The decision to select the artist remix to Casanova’s ‘So Brooklyn’ will be broken down in a future clip when the archives for the Internet Hollywood Radio Show come out sometime this week.


Joe Banga has been acknowledged for many things in past stories written about him which contributes to his position on the charts. The artist has repeatedly demonstrated his own marketing strategies to influence the performance of a lot of great projects he released in the past. He was also one of the first artists from the state of Connecticut to collaborate with Internet Hollywood founder Vaughka in a music song. You could check out his ‘I’m so Hartford’ freestyle below!

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