IH Radio: MoBudda song ‘Passcode’ debuts at #3 on Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart

IH Radio – Hip Hop artist MoBudda released a pretty dope music video by Director Edwin Escobar to a cool song she did called ‘PassCode’ three months ago and the song is now placed at #3 on the Internet Hollywood Music Chart. The decision comes shortly after Connecticut artist Bugz placed #4 with his song ‘It’s Okay’ and Bundy Foxx’s ‘Drift Away landed at #5. The decisions are made by a small vote placed by Vega and his Internet Hollywood team who are now updating the list every 2-4 weeks while working on a better voting system for talented independent artists.


MoBudda has always been someone Vega has always shown interest in writing about and the past shows that. She has been releasing music for years and has a lot of content that’s available online for people to check out; including eps, music videos, collaborations, and live performances. The breakdown on why her song was voted to #3 will be revealed when archives of the Internet Hollywood Radio premiere gets released sometime this week. You could check the music video out below!

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