IH Radio: Rap artist Banga Bandanaz ‘We Lit’ Freestyle lands #2 on Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart

IH Radio – The Internet Hollywood Music Playlist countdown is still underway as we revealed the top 10 songs picked by Vega that will be streamed on Internet Hollywood Radio and will give the artists more attention by having daily stories written about their latest news, updates, and releases. The chart was made to shed a greater light on independent artists great work and create good topics about them that will be discussed on Internet Hollywood Radio every Sunday at 7pm (eastern) on internetHollywood.com.


Independent Connecticut Hip Hop artist Banga Bandanaz massive freestyle titled ‘PRIDE / WE LIT freestyle’ was voted on the Internet Hollywood top 10 by a small vote from a few listeners that felt all artists brought a lot of excellent content to the table in the order makes sense when totaling their publications in the past. The artist has been published on InternetHollywood.com 22 times. The reason the song was selected to be #2 will be explained when archives of Internet Hollywood is released later this week. You could check out the freestyle below!

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