IH Radio: Trife Snitte’s song ‘Never Have, Never Will’ dominates Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart at #8

IH Radio – Connecticut Hip Hop artist Trife Snitte has found a place in the Internet Hollywood’s top music playlist that premiered on Internet Hollywood radio on October 6th. His song ‘Never Have, Never Will’ appeared on the chart at #8 after being voted in by Vaughka and his pairs the day before. The reason for the selection will be revealed sometime this week. The archive of the Internet Hollywood Radio show will be released sometime this week as well.


Our journey following some of the things Trife had going on with music started with a documentary his released about a year ago. We later invited the artist to do an interview with us and covered the release of his music video ‘Snittes Back’ in October 2018. He revealed he did a ton of albums during his long incarceration and has told me personally that he has a lot of music no one has heard.


Trife Snitte has been published on InternetHollywood.com thirteen times since last year. You could check out his song below and look out for the archive of the Internet Hollywood Radio show!

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