IH Vaughka talks about his decision to make Noinek a member of Internet Hollywood: “She’s very strategic with a dominant attitude.”

Buzz Alert – It was announced Independent North Carolina model Noienk was selected to be a chief in one of Internet Hollywood sales-marketing teams but very limited information has been shared about why the decision was made. The news followed stories that revealed other selections were made for operators who are already working on assignments now. Vaughka decision was made simply on conversations he had with Noienk over the past two years. He considers her similar minded with an eager and passionate attitude when it comes to feeding her hunger. “She strikes me as someone that could control situations and bridge the gap of trouble that could follow a poorly made mistake,” Vaughka shared. “She’s very strategic with a dominant attitude and we reflect that kind of energy every time we speak.” Noienk is expected to start on an assignment sometime very soon!


~*~*Photos by Elephant Pixels*~*~~


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