IH Vega finally does an interview after 5 years, discusses the future of Internet Hollywood, his new music, events, and more

Musicians / IH Vega – It’s been five years of running Internet Hollywood and finally we get an interview with Internet Hollywood founder Justin who goes by the music name Vaughka. Whether it be Prince Vega, IH Vega, Internet Hollywood Vega, or Prince Vaughka, Justin has made it quite clear in this interview he prefers to be called Vaughka. This is one of many things we learned while doing this interview with him. It’s even more fun because I got to put the story together this time. By the way, I’m Big Mike. And this is an exclusive interview with the one and only, Vaughka.

~*~*The First Sitdown with Vaughka*~*~

Internet Hollywood: We finally get an interview with the one and only Vaugka himself. You have been running Internet Hollywood for five years and this is the very first time you have ever been interviewed on the website. Why has it’s been so long since you brought your name to the public musically and are you really releasing going to release a new mixtape?

Vaughka: Of course I’m going to release a mixtape. I feel the timing makes a lot more sense with everything else I have in place. It’s important that everything I do gets taken care of on a step by step basis. One of my biggest mistakes I made in the past was not being organized and failing to plan my steps ahead. I wasted a lot of time because of that. Now that I’ve worked on that I could better prepare projects and present it in the marketing format I see fit. So yeah, that’s my answer to the first question.

Internet Hollywood: Congratulations on the 5th year anniversary of Internet Hollywood. I’m hoping to see more years of new stories and great events like the ones you organized in previous years. What are some of the things you have in store for the future of Internet Hollywood?

Vaughka: Thank you. I could say it feels like five year flew by but I would be lying. I actually felt almost each day of each of the passing years because it was all apart of the planning process that occured with things like events, my radio shows, and such. I’m not really sure if I want to reveal too much. I would rather present it at a time that’s necessary. When I do it like that it tends to get the best impression on people. But what I would say is many events are in the works, more clothing will be coming out, and I’m almost completed writing my mixtape.

Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things that we could expect to come from the mixtape?

Vaughka: I’m more focused on just showing people I could rap right now. I’ve been appearing and disappearing from music so much in the past few years it’s starting to feel like I’m some sort of myth in time or something. So this mixtape will bring awareness to my place in music and show people that I’ve been doing this all my life and I’m actually good at it. Music has always been my first love.

Internet Hollywood: You still didn’t answer my question. LOL.

Vaughka: Oh ****, my bad. Ha. The mixtape is gong to have 14 songs on it and I plan on doing music videos for most of them. Like I said, this mixtape will bring them into my realm of music. I actually feel like I have to prove something because it’s been so long. But the mixtape is an installment to Internet Hollywood Radio and will be called the Vaughka Series Part 1. I’m in the process of recording the rest of the tracks and while that happens the music video will be put in the works as well.

Internet Hollywood: What are some of the songs on there called?

Vaughka: I put one of the songs out actually, ‘Born Again’, which was released in August. My music partner Sharoc made sure that one got out. He always believed in me when it comes to music. And we started at the same time. We were like eight, I think. Not to mention we’re real brothers. But some of the other songs are H3LL, R.O.N., Busy, Freenemies, Circles, Don’t Know, and Say So.

Internet Hollywood: Will you be having any features at all?

Vaughka: Just Sharoc. Like I said before, I feel I have to prove myself again for some reason and I will do that. I don’t think my first mixtape should have features. I look at music like a painting and I’m an artist with a brush bringing my world to reality. Everything has to make sense with the story I’m painting. I will be doing features on other projects in the future though.

Internet Hollywood: You have been showing love to a lot of people for the last 5 years with Internet Hollywood and it goes even further if you search through your group pages. What keeps you comitted to doing all of the work you do and why do you choose to do so many things alone?

Vaughka: I’d like to believe it’s faith. But I probably will never know the actual reason. I just choose to believe in something better over the mountain and just push myself to see if it’s actually there. But I’ll never know until I try. The last thing I don’t want to do is not try. Time is ticking and times are a bit different now. I’m not sure if waiting would be a good idea when you’re getting older. Plus I love motivating others to believe in themselves and keep pushing. Because I would want that if I didn’t feel I had a way out of the everyday struggles in today’s society. As far as doing things alone, I have people when I really need people to help. Those people are in high positions in the Internet Hollywood umbrella and they perform incredibly when I need them.

Internet Hollywood: You have organized three Internet Hollywood events so far and now you confirmed more on the way and that makes me wonder. Starting from the beginning, what did you learn was the key to organizing a successful show?

Vaughka: Researching, planning, and acting. It’s important to know the information. You can’t build a car if you don’t know how. It’s common sense honestly. You just have to suppress the fear and anxiety that blocks you from doing it and say it is what it is. If it turns out bad at least you did it. And it’s going to be one helluva small party, but make it a good one. Just make sure you get all of the best moments on camera and put it out so others could see the good time you all had. That always increases people interest level. If they like it enough they’ll come to the next party.

Internet Hollywood: I know you got things to do so here’s my last question; when is the next Internet Hollywood party, where is it happening, and what kind of events will all of them be?

Vaughka: That stuff will be revealed in the future. But I am hoping to do the next one in warmer months like April, May, and June. I want to do a lot of parties this year, public and private ones. All my parties are my concerts mixed in with a bunch of other stuff that’s Internet Hollywood related. I’m also working on pool parties, bbqs, the Internet Hollywood Awards, and more. You will have to wait and see though. Everything on Internet Hollywood is revealed on a weekly basis. There is always a build up to what’s coming next. So you would have to wait for that.

Internet Hollywood: What made you decide to make Mayhem MusiKk apart of Internet Hollywood’s news column on the website and do you plan on keeping the coverage on musicians, like in your home state of Connecticut, the center of attention or will things changes.

Vaughka: There is an incredible amount of changes being done all across the board in Internet Hollywood and the most of those changes happened this year and will continue to. The news coverages on musicians from Connecticut is permanent and will be mixed in with coverage involving musicians from other states again, starting sometime this month. As I stated before, music has always been my first love. I plan on doing Hip Hop award shows, concerts, radio stations, music videos, music tours, opening a music studio of my own, and a lot of other cool things that evolve around music. My options will always expand as long as I continue to see the potential to do other things. The thing is just doing it. That’s the model at this point kinda.

Internet Hollywood: Speaking of models, you tend to focus a lot on things related to modeling, photography and fashion. I also heard that you were planning on getting into photography. Is this apart of your plan to expand where Internet Hollywood presence is?

Vaughka: Well, I feel focus on that side because I have so many people I associate with that are actively involved with it. And running a platform that’s supposed to give the latest news on all of their hard work pretty much makes it a requirement. As far as photography is concerned, I was never really into photography until Internet Hollywood reached its fourth year running. As times started to change I begin noticing what’s necessary to fill other obligations that need to be met to ensure Internet Hollywood survives for a long time. Plus it’ll make sense since I’m planning on doing films and music videos. No point in having a camera if it’s not put to full use.

Internet Hollywood: I know you have a lot to do, so I’m going to ask you one last question and it’s related to the Internet Hollywood Magazine. Will we be seeing the release of the Internet Hollywood Magazine this month and will more people be added to it?

Vaughka: The Internet Hollywood Magazine will be coming by the ending of February or early March. A lot of things had to be taken care of involving the structure that governs the creation of the issue and that reason has delayed it. Plus it makes sense with timing. I’m not sure if I want to release a magazine on Valentines this year, although it’s my Grandmother’s birthday and it’s routinely done every year that way. The timing that came with the work that’s being done on Internet Hollywood prevented that from happening but the build-up to its release is worth the wait and around that time more people will be selected.

Internet Hollywood: Thank you for finally letting us to interview you on your own website after 5 years. lol. It feels weird being the one doing this interview with you because your the one that’s usually do it. Would you like to share anything else before we get out of here?

Vaughka: I thought the other question was the last one? Haha I’m kidding. But yeah, nothing much really. Everything else will be revealed in weeks to come. I just want everyone to know my music name is actually “Prince Vaughka” but I prefer Vaughka. I’m getting people use to it so at times you will see names like Internet Hollywood Vega, IH Vega, Internet Hollywood Vaughka, or IH Vaughka. It will eventually become Vaughka at some point. But I just wanted that to be clear so people don’t get confused. And Internet Hollywood will be relaunching again very soon. I’ll keep you updated through the website.

Internet Hollywood: Thanks for the interview Vaughka! I can’t wait to see all of the cool things you have in store for us!


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