IH Vega on why he avoids beefs with CT artists: “I could never beef with people I feel deserves more”

Musicians (IH Vega) – Internet Hollywood founder and musician IH Vega (Vaughka) has made it clear from the very beginning that he vowed to never beef with artists in his home state of Connecticut and for years he has kept to that word and pursued the path in trying to help others get recognized by combining all styles of reporting on one platform where people from all walks of life could come and actually enjoy reading the content that’s published. By doing that, he understands the importance of not choosing sides and remaining humble to best understand fairness when judging each individual he pays mind to. He feels that has helped him remain focused.


“I could never see myself beefing with someone back home in Connecticut,” Vaughka said. “I could never beef with people I feel deserves more. My mind isn’t programmed to acknowledge that because I understand how hard things are in the places we come from. Music is actually something many artists do in Connecticut to save their families from the day to day struggles in their life. We witness so many heartbreaking things in the black and brown communities that most of us see this as an escape route and a path to live life differently and sometimes in different places. As long as I understand their struggle I would always convince myself that it is unfair before I convince myself that its a good idea.”


Vaughka is also putting together music events to help support underground musicians from different states and countries all over. As far as events are concerned, He has booked Connecticut musicians in two of Internet Hollywood’s three parties in the past and is planning on doing it a lot more in the future. He is also working on Internet Hollywood’s first ever Hip Hop Awards show.


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