IH Vega talks about writing every story on InternetHollywood.com and IH events: “It’s a life-changing thing that could change you”

Musicians (IH Vega) – It always seems to be a surprise that Internet Hollywood founder Justin Hamlet a.k.a Vaughka (or IH Vega) writes every single story on InternetHollywood.com. Thousands have been written since the founding of Internet Hollywood in February 2014 and three events were thrown, two in 2017 and one in 2018. All of those events were also organized by Justin as well and he’s revealing how he was able to do it in Internet Hollywood’s next magazine in February 2019.

“It’s a life-changing thing that could change you mentally and physically,” he said. “You have to make yourself a student of the world and absorb as much information as you can. What helped me was coming to the realization that I didn’t know everything and that’s when I was able to stop being stubborn and learn things. It’s a very time-consuming process. Fear is like a glass wall we’re afraid to break through because we never been on the other side. The anxiety and fear fuel the lack of confidence that jails us from making that first step. You just have to face the truth and change it and that’s how life is no matter how much we try to avoid it. You have to Youtube the information, research the information, organize the information you receive and create some sort of map that gets you from where you are to where you want to go. But the map doesn’t become clear in your life until it comes clear in your mind and you believe it. And this just my perception of it from my experience. Everything in your life has to become some sort of positive resource that you use to benefit from as long as it benefits others. I call it the rubber band effect. And it is strange because that’s how it works for me when I do it. “

IH Vega also discussed organizing all three of Internet Hollywood events:


“I think the biggest problem with the parties and why it took me so long to do them was that I didn’t know how to do them at first,” he said. “Nobody would give me the step-by-step information I needed to throw an event when I asked. At first, I felt it was a little frustrating but later I realized it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me because it backed me into a wall that only I could come out of. I had to trust in myself, see the vision, believe in it, do the research, place phone calls, and see what resources were at my disposal to make everything possible. I had to really act as my own CEO.When I started doing everything myself it naturally fell into place. You just have to make sure your finances are spent wisely or else you’re going to leave an event with nothing at all. It’s pretty simple, if you want to rent out a venue research venues for rent and find out how much they cost and actually place the call and talk with the person that deals with that stuff for that venue to find out more informaton All of your answers are given in the actions you take. The biggest thing would be not to let anything slow you down. If you fail you fail, but you will get over the fear that prevented you from doing it before and you will do them faster. The only thing that will slow you down after that is fear.”


IH Vega plans to go deeper into details on how he does his events and other things in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of 2019 that’s set to be released on February 14th. He is currently working on his new mixtape, audio-book, IH Magazine, and Internet Hollywood’s fourth event. You could follow his pages below!


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