iHollywood Founder Prince Vega Reaches Out To J. Cole To Congratulate Him On Forest Hills Drive

j cole 2Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega has recently gained a couple more thousand followers after sources told us the artist reached out to J. Cole’s entourage to congratulate the artist on selling over 300,000 copies on his third album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. It’s unclear to say how bright the light is on this gossiping rumor, but the artist Facebook page recently showed Prince Vega received an 21.2% increase on his fan page, drawing in over 7,000 new followers within days. The total amount of followers on Prince Vega’s page is currently over 40,000 and the number is expected to go way beyond that by the weekend. Prince Vega is known to partner up with majors on certain projects although he’s known for doing things by himself independently. Internet Hollywood is an organized independent industry that is respected by millions inside and out of the entertainment business. Prince Vega also admitted earlier this week that J. Cole is one of his favorite artist in the game right now. If anyone is interested in becoming an Internet Hollywood celebrity email us at internethollywood@aol.com.

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