iHollywood Model Niki Vega Welcomes Model Bentley To Internet Hollywood – Gives Her Advice

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ProjectXPlatinum model Niki Vega is opening her heart to an upcoming beautiful model by the name of Bentley. Niki is a growing star that continues to barge her way into the industry with full force and nobody is stopping her. She recently made her headlining debut for the first time last week when she joined ProjectXPlatinum after being offered a spot almost a year ago. The model is now giving her thoughts and advice to the beautiful Italian model from Connecticut that has took out digital industry by storm.

“I think if she puts her mind to it she can succeed in this industry,” she said. “As a once shy model, I can tell her that being shy can bring an innocence to a picture if she knows how to use that to her advantage! Keep in mind modeling is similar to acting, especially when we know our personality is different from the character we are portraying in a photo or video shoot. For example someone who is quiet trying to shoot a wild party girl scene. I believe with some study of your beautiful features and as long as you know yourself well enough to have confidence you will do well as a model, shy or not! Good luck!”

Niki Vega is currently one of the most viewed models in Internet Hollywood. Her powerful presence has made it clear that she’s a dominant superstar that will continue to bend the shape of our universe to its very own core. Niki’s influence is expected to shift the entire platform of our digital world into a new age in months to come. She is also expected to be in Internet Hollywood’s second magazine issue that is expected to come out sometime this month! We like to welcome our amazing Bentley to Internet Hollywood!  The picture above was shot by an amazing photographer by the name of Leonardo Tillett.

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