iHollywood Radio Premieres (9/30): Expect Music From Wayne, Cthree, Gusto, SOS, BDK, Diwa & More

Breaking-News-logoInternet Hollywood Radio is expected to premiere every Tuesday at 9pm starting September 30th. The powerful feature included in our international universe will give fans direct access to our universe from the voice of some of our most powerful celebrities like Prince Vega, Tygeria, Jessy Erinn and more. The start of the radio show will breakdown reality as we know it from the mind of a conscious individual, while adding music from some of our most popular Internet Hollywood celebrities. Powerful headlining musicians like Cthree and Snacks Giggaty will be some of the key focuses when exploring the headlines of our universe each Tuesday in our hip hop community. The first Internet Hollywood “Game Of Rap” show will be one and a half hours long, and will make its way to the two hour mark once the “Game Of Rap” Preseason begins in the beginning of October. Every privileged artists voted into the Internet Hollywood radio circuit will be played inside the “Game Of Rap” series every Tuesday. The leading musician that continues to finish in the top five of our billboard charts will have greater access to more outlets that will help them expand, like the Internet Hollywood Magazine. We ask that all musicians stay updated on the latest news and tune into the radio show premiere starting September 30th!

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