Independent Connecticut Model Taylor Just Became A Internet Hollywood Operational Officer!

IH News – Independent Connecticut model Taylor is not a familiar name to a lot of the previously published people in Internet Hollywood but she does have ties to a very talented photographer that is and his name is Mark Murphy III. Mark has exercised his creative abilities in many forms and has done amazing photo shoots and magazines for many upcoming models and went as far as sharing all of his work with them on his social media platforms. Among many of those talented females we find independent models like Joetry, Ra’Naisha, and Taylor. Taylor is an independent model from Connecticut who has been targeted by the eyes of the Internet Hollywood movement for quite sometime and was recently recruited to be apart of the Connecticut branch of Internet Hollywood where she will play a role as an operational officer (in training) until she reaches a COO position in the party division. Vaughka has been spending weeks learning about Taylor and found similarities that reminded him of him and that motivated the decision to make idea of that invitation possible. The role she will play involves assisting with some planning and supervising operational procedures with a team of other operational officers who will also be managing factors of the party environment when the time comes. She is also apart of Mark Murphy’s awesome MM3MODELS!



This news was first made public on our Instagram page @internethollywood




Taylor: Instagram


Mark Murphy III: InstagramWebsite

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