Independent CT model Joetry discuss her experience at NY Fashion Week, her support system, photo shoots, goals, and more!

Models – Independent Connecticut model Joetry had a night to remember at the New York Fashion Week and I had the pleasure of catching up with her to discuss her special night over messenger the other night. We quickly chatted it up and discussed her return to modeling, the next steps she plans to take, the kind of photo shoots she’s trying to do, what changed about her, and her goals. She kindly opened up and gave me the inside scoop on everything going on with her and I’m definitely happy to share the memorable moment with you all. I hope you enjoy the interview!


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Internet Hollywood: Hey Joetry! It’s awesome to hear that your back modeling again. I could only imagine what the feeling is like going through your experience. You were recently put inside of New York Fashion Week. How was that experience?


Joetry: It was surreal to say nonetheless, I’ve been modeling for about 7 years now and though I’ve done ct fashion week, I’ve done numerous shows, magazine shoots, commercials….. you name it I’ve probably done it. But this was like take a step with the big dogs for me so I was very nervous but extremely excited at the same time. I have to shout out my manager Mark Murphy III for helping set up this chance as well as my amazing support system (my boyfriend Joe, my little sister Chinise, my line sister Jade, my brother through love Brock, and my sista friend Tai’Ronda) for taking the time to be there and giving me the courage I needed to “walk my walk” and to say I’m grateful for the opportunity is an understatement.


Internet Hollywood: Now that you decided modeling was something that you wanted to get back to what kind of photo shoots are you focused on doing and are you able to travel?


Joetry: Right now I’m focusing on rebranding myself. The idea of who Joetry is has grown and I feel as though I’m not ready to show the world what that growth is. I’m looking to simply update my portfolio and my sites and try to combine my artistic theater side with my modeling. I don’t think you’ll be seeing Joetry as eye candy or in body paint any time soon, but maybe high fashion might be on the horizon since doing the NYC show.


Internet Hollywood: What are your goals now that your focus is back on doing modeling after taking that long break?


Joetry: I’m trying to increase everything I use to do. I want it to be where once a month I have at least 2 shoots lined up and some type of commercial or promotion event lined up to host/attend. Recently been trying to network and connect with different types of individuals in the industry to see what can be produced in the future because I’m a huge advocate for “its not what you know, but who you know”. I want to not only show that Joetry is back but that she’s better and this time she’s gonna take the world by storm.


Internet Hollywood: When are you normally free to do photo shoots, events, and other things of that nature?


Joetry: I don’t necessarily have a set time of being available before I was in school and wanted to remain focused on that. Being that I’ve graduated – now I’m open to schedule with enough time in advance. And I still have 2 weekends a month for events so anyone looking for Joetry can surely message or email me.


Internet Hollywood: Last question, has anything changed about you as a person since you last modeled and what makes you want to do it again?


Joetry: Shoot….. a lot of things have changed. I’ve taken a lot of losses this year that made me not only take in how short life is but that anything can be done if you want it to be done and if you work towards it. I feel as though I stopped myself short too early in this field so here’s to me coming back to work again and working harder.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Joetry! I’ll definitely be back in touch!


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