Independent CT Model Yanira picked to host Internet Hollywood’s first party of 2019 in the fall!

IH News / Buzz Alert – As we get deep into the summer more news of things happening in the fall are beginning to come to light in the Internet Hollywood universe. It was known that Internet Hollywood Vaughka and Alisa Velasquez were booked to perform at the Internet Hollywood party but no word on the status of the hosting process. We could now break the ice on some pretty warm news by revealing that Yanira will be hosting the Internet Hollywood party that is set to take place in late September or October. Yanira became a member of the Internet Hollywood team last month when she and independent CT model Taylor were picked to be apart of one of the operating teams and are currently working on an event as we speak. The date of the party is not set but when it is you will know!




Yanira: Instagram

*Buzz Alerts are small stories that updates people on things some of the people we published in the past are doing.

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