Independent Filmmaker Michele Plunkett discuss her new film Dead SurvivorZ, the process in casting actors, steps to begin filming for the first time and more

Beyond The Lens – Connecticut movie producer Michele Plunkett has a lot in store for the future and the independent realm will be forced to witness the impact of her latest independent film Dead SurvivorZ. I’ve been seeing the filmmaker promote the movie for a while on her social media accounts. After seeing the trailer I became more interested in learning more about it.


I had thoughts in interviewing her in the past but didn’t have time to get around to it. Until one day I decided to ask upcoming talented people on my friend list to post their links under my comment section. When Plunkett did I felt the time was right to add her to the list of questions I was writing up. I asked each person I selected 5 questions to get as many stories out as possible. I had the great pleasure in interviewing Michele. Enjoy!


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Michele? Now everyone online knows that you have been really busy handling things. It’s kind of hard to not receive the updates from you when you been keeping yourself working. What are some of the latest projects you are working on now?


Plunkett: Well I have one near finished Project that premieres on Amazon Prime, Dailymotion and Youtube called Dead SurvivorZ , which is a min series. On top of that I build and maintain the website. I do a lot of photography for a few Internet celebrities. Examples are Jaslin Martinez – live talk show host, actress Model. Zakariya Narowski model and actor from Espn comercials and Dead survivorZ and last but not Least Anthony Crone Dead Survivorz Actor and Clothing model.


Internet Hollywood: How does the process in casting people in your films go?


Plunkett: I get a backer and then I pull a film team together and I then I hire professional actors


Internet Hollywood: How does an independent film producer pull off a good movie without spending as much money?


Plunkett: Now that is a tricky question. A good movie is up to the viewer. However, I have all my own filming equipment. I have loyal followers willing to be free extras. Only my lead actors and production crew is paid. Lastly I pluck from my extras from last project and give them leading roles in my new films.


Internet Hollywood: What is one of the most important principals you follow to keep yourself focused on your goals?


Plunkett: Keep the people that work for me advancing. I stay loyal to my cast and crew. I offer my actors to other producers so they may advance in their acting career. Lastly follow through with everything I say to the best of my abilities. (Woman of my word)


Internet Hollywood: Becoming a movie producer seams to be very hard for most. What are some of the steps you recommend someone should take to becoming a movie producer?


Plunkett: Well I started from scratch. Wet behind the ears even. I had no clue what I was doing the first time around. Be careful of the people that waste your time. Some people will join your crew thinking they are going to get dates. Some people come to take over your projects. There is only one captain of the ship, that is you. The people that are serious about acting are looking to you for guidance. You must weed out the bad apples before you  get started. The bad apples will slow the project down to the point it never takes off. You need a crew member for every job. Secondary cameraman, assisting director, make up artist ect…Most importantly Allow for people to have fun. I generally have happy actors and actress. Lastly, Never hold your talent back. Meaning I always want them to go and do better things. I do however count on their reliabilty to finish what they start as well. Keep playing it forward.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Michelle Plunkett!


Plunkett has sent me dozens of pictures from the film and everyones name that was involved in the project. She definitely made it known she didn’t want to forget anyone. I will be sharing pictures from the film in a follow up story that will be released over the weekend.


I added the names I received from Plunkett that were involved on the bottom of the trailer. All roles that each person played is also revealed on the bottom. The picture of Plunkett in this story was taken by Shannon Morrissey.

~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Dead SurvivorZ – Facebook

Michele Plunkett – Facebook – Instagram

Cast & Characters

|  Stephaie Ellen Alamieda – as Stacy |

| Mary Cassella –  Angie |

|  Zakariya Narowski  – Jimmy |

|  Anthony Crone – Extra|

| Dennis Carter Jr  – Makeup artist/Extra |

|  Mystical Charlie – Sings the theme song Villain |

|  Mark Roth – Extra/Extra Dialogue Writer|

|  Christina Marie – Makeup artist)  |

| Lyda Conner –  Beth  |

| Charles Rosenay  – Marketing/ Coroner/Production Assistant |

 | Gary Shaw  – Director of photography|

 Evan Christiano – Fight scene choreography  |

| David Piro  – Makeup artist)  |

| Victoria Ferrer  – Marketing assistant/Extra |

| Angie Arnolds – Extra |

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