Independent MA Mia Dolly has been chosen to make her debut in Internet Hollywood Magazine in July 2019!

IH Magazine – Independent Massachusetts model Mia Dolly will finally be getting her first publication In Internet Hollywood Magazine in July 2019 and nothing will be getting in front of that special moment for her. Mia has been a huge supporter of Internet Hollywood for a while and even tuned into Internet Hollywood Radio a number of times to get the latest news and updates happening in the Internet Hollywood universe. Mia has been published on 5 times in the past and she plans on making a special appearance at an Internet Hollywood party in the future. IH Vega has even considered getting her more involved in Internet Hollywood by adding her to some of the upcoming projects that he’s working on. This is just the beginning and the beginning opens a path to an amazing journey. Congratulations Mia Dolly!



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated




Miadolly: Instagram

 Silver Shadow Images (photographer): Instagram

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