Independent MA Model Aurora Noire reveals her first crush and heartbreaking experience: “The heartbreak came later in October of that year on Halloween night.”

Topic of the Week – Independent Massachusetts model Aurora Noire didn’t mind weighing in on Internet Hollywood’s hot topic of the month that included first crushes and heartbreaks. She revealed a story of her own about her past experience dealing with her childhood crush and heartbreaking experience. Here’s what she said!


“Ah my first childhood crush huh? Well I remember a boy named Joey who was in my second grade class. I don’t remember anything much about him outside of his rat tail haircut and piercing blue eyes. Back then I was absolutely smitten by him. The heartbreak came later in October of that year on Halloween night. I remember getting my costume ready to go out trick or treating and hearing the doorbell ring. My dad had answered the door and told me that Joey from my class was here and to come give him some candy! All I remember after that was completely freezing up in front of him at the door and just staring blankly at him. According to my dad the endeavor concluded with him handing Joey the candy, closing the door, and watching me slap my forehead repeatedly exclaiming “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” Ahh, young love… lol”


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