Independent model Aurora Nyx teams with Jay Greaux at the shade swamp sanctuary for a new photo shoot

Photo Shoots – Independent Connecticut model Aurora Nyx recently added another photo shoot under her belt as she collaborated with a talented photographer by the name of Jay Greaux in a photo shoot that was done in Farmington, Connecticut. The model filled me in on the photo shoot that occurred on at the shade swamp sanctuary in one of our personal discussions and revealed she and Jay had similar idea and she packed about 3 or 4 outfits and a few props as well.


She then went on to state that the photo shoot came after a photo shoot she was anticipating with MCM Photography was rescheduled for a date a couple months later, and shared that a friend of hers set up the photo shoot. She sent me a total of five photos with at least 3 of the outfits she said she brought to the photo shoot and they looked really nice. It was definitely a nice way to use the abandoned zoo in Farmington for something was useful for both parties.


I had got in contact with Aurora Nyx this week to get the inside scoop on the latest things that was happening in her career while I continued to catch up on previous stories that are expected to be released very soon. Aurora has kindly opened up about her recent experiences and that has inspired me to keep following some of her latest work to write more stories on the awesome things she has going on in the future. Shout out to Jay Greaux Photography for taking these nice pictures of Aurora!




Aurora Nyx: Instagram

Jay Greaux Photography: Instagram


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