Independent Model Sarah Starlight gives us 5 things to remember in her first second interview with Internet Hollywood!

Access Highlights – Independent model Sarah Starlight revealed a lot of cool things about herself in her second interview with Internet Hollywood. I took the pleasure and picked five  things we learned from the interview. You could read the whole interview by clicking the link below!




1. She was in a graduate program to get a license in mental health counseling and was working on getting her doctorate degree after.

2. She loves mystical/mythological concepts for photo shoots.

3. She was working on new headpiece designs

4. Her goal this year is to focus on thriving in her career path and continue to creating unique photoshoots.

5. Photographers she works with contributes to editing that brings the fantasy visions to life in photo shoots.


Read the full interview: Click Here 




Sarah Starlight: Facebook – Instagram
Betty Shilman Photography: Website

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